Interest is slavery

Stop Borrowing Money


Borrowing money from your friends, your neighbors, or your family. Its destroying your relationships and your not learning from it. We need to learn life lessons from the situations we put ourselves in. When we let other people do our homework growing up we let other people do our thinking, and then we wonder why we are forever asking for someone else to solve our problems.


Do you need work or a job?

Most of us can work for someone else and we can do that in the surroundings of an employer relationship or in a freelance relationship. I was taught young to look for work. I cut grass and washed windows for people every summer growing up as early as 10 or 12 as I recall. I had up to 7 lawns I would mow and rake the grass up. ( we raked grass in those days) and then through out the week I would do my homework after school and as soon as I was done I had a goal of washing windows of two houses before dark everyday after school. When I was growing up there was no Internet or cell phones.

I learned to find work long before I was allowed to get a ‘job’. State law said you had to be 15 to get a job. I had to go door to door, but I found I could cut lawns and babysit of your were responsible enough to be hired.

I remember a girl down the street that I would be competing with for work. She was a few years older than me. She cut lawns and washed windows, and painted fences and the outside of houses. once she was ready to go to college she bought her first car. She became less of a competitor and more of mentor. I began looking around for all kinds of things I could do. I simply asked myself what are people needing.  Trim trees? check. Power wash the outside of the house a week before they get ready to paint the house? check.  Remove landscaping from around the house after the house sold to a new owner? check. I also started watching when a real estate sign was going up and talked to the agent to see if they were going to freshen up the look of the house prior to selling? Or did they have anyone who was going to keep the lawn cut while the house was empty and they were selling the house? I was always prepared to make an offer.



Simply put, there is work all around us. We have to develop a mind for it. My  FREE BOOK attempts to help you to develop an eye for those opportunities that are right for you. Please don’t misunderstand I am all for getting a job. Businesses NEED employees to accomplish their business goals. But you must consider doing something on the side part time. The business you work for is not your retirement counselor. You must do more to save for a later time.

Those that know me know I am a big advocate of budgeting. When you discover what it takes financially to meet your needs every month I hope your take home pay is higher than your expenses. . Once you know what you spend each month to cover your needs. Then you can determine how much you need to save just in case you don’t work for 3-4 weeks to cover your expenses.

This way, in phase one you begin to put away enough to cover a full month of rent, food, utilities, Gas,, etc. once you have accomplished phase one, celebrate in some meaningful way.
Then we go on to phase two this time you are going to continue do what you have already done. Once you get to three months of living expenses you need to reward yourself yet again. Keep in mind this is going to be used ONLY for paying up to 3 months of living expenses.

Then we move to phase 3 this is a big jump. Continue to save as before. We are now working to save the equivalent of 6 months living expenses. This will provide you the reward of FREEDOM. This has probably taken 2-3 years from when you started to get here. Celebrate you have completely changed your life style. You have been learning new skills along the way. You might have done everything from realizing you can repair walls for people to provide interior painting services for people; which is great weekend work. Once you have done these things you have transformed how you see opportunities. You have created FREEDOM for yourself and your family.

If you ask Entrepreneurs Why they do what they do. After all the many words and pages of reading it will all boil down to FREEDOM.  Freedom to go fishing when they want, freedom to see their families more often, freedom to spend time with their families and continue to ‘work’ even when it looks like they are on vacation.

I have met so many people who are freelancers by heart. They have many clients sometimes they are juggling several clients at a time other times they are not. but none of them would trade what they have discovered for anything.  Find a need and meet it, be yourself. Have goals.

Can you still make money On YouTube?

Recently I had a conversation with a goof friend about YouTube. Among other things we got around to the current employment climate. He explained he is still making money online. When I challenged him about whether this was really true he smiled and told me I should just wait for the video he had just finished to complete the render from the video software and upload to YouTube He promised to reveal everything. So as Promised my good friend Justin is pulling back the curtain and showing you everything he has learned in making money with YouTube.


Save more than you spend

Making money is how the west was won and continues to be one. There are more people here in the west that are driven to higher and higher income levels than anywhere in the world. But We spend money even faster and bigger than most of the world, western or otherwise. But one thing we don’t do is save. We just don’t save our money very well. So much so we would rather throw the old one away rather than fix it or even re-purpose it.

I started this site for one main reason and that is to show each and everyone of my friends and neighbors that they too don’t have to ride the corporate merry-go-round. It works for some but not for many.

Most people that are working for other people, and they do so because of fear, fear of the unknown. The unknown is dark scary and full of people and things that are seemingly scary.  So I am going to be one that makes a move in my community. What will you do when its your turn?

I have decided to add canning, the preserving of our food for use in a different kind. If we don’t learn to  take care of things and each other we won’t have anything.

This weeks video is one…..Canning. There are many different ways people are canning. This information I offer here on my website is just for information only. With any sort of home canning food poisoning is always a big concern. There are always do’s and don’t s when it comes to canning.


No one wants to read Emails. But …..

Here is a great new tool hardly anybody is aware of this. Remember you heard it here first.

No one wants to read long emails but they will watch for 2-3 minutes. Say it in Video.  And whats even better no editing software…no youtube channel to worry about. its all under one roof and all FREE….. That’s right all free no catch.

I have even included a link for you to make it simple just click

Diversify Your Risk

That’s what the financial expert kept saying. I had too many eggs in one basket.
Now one keeping too many eggs in one basket seems like this has been all too familiar warning I got growing up. I didn’t grow up on a farm but i might as well have.  Those all too familiar lessons keep coming back again and again. Why do you think that happens. I can hear my mom saying to a very young version of myself that I might not keep hearing this when I take it to heart. I thought I was listening, and preventing or at least limiting my exposure to what life might bring.

In the summer of 1987 I got married. That is not the only thing that changed that year. In October that year, I lost all the savings I had.

In one day everything changed. A few years later I discovered to diversify my finances at the time which meant to not have all my savings in one fund with one broker. I learned yet another lesson a few years later. And that was to not rely on one employer as when  I was laid off after the company I was working for unexpectedly closed its doors and sold off all its holdings.
I learned I needed to have more than one source of income. This meant I needed to have clients rather than employers. Now this did not mean I would never again have a job? No, but what it would mean is I would understand what hiring people to do things for me really meant, the cost and the liability and the responsibility to them and their families.
Since then I have had a few jobs. It also means I have had several businesses. some were short term by their business model and others are longer term. As a trained voice over artist and a trained photographer with a strong interest in cinematography I enjoy writing scripts for short stories to be recorded at some point down the road when the time is right. I have also learned to use more than one bank.
More recently I have discovered I need to invest in Things like precious metals and other physical assets. Now before you start thinking I have a house full of fancy furniture that has all these hidden compartments  with a safe in the floor hidden away some where. I want you to look at crypto currency.

Bitcoin has been around for several years now. and is considered very safe by many. Non of these people happen to be working for the central bank. Now, my hope here is NOT to give you financial advice or for you to some how to take this as advice. It is however a confession that I am very interested in many varieties of crypto currency and many physical forms of storing the wealth I have accumulated along the way. My hope is that you learn from my mistakes and become wiser and wealthy even in these troubled economic times.

Make Money Online

Make Money Writing
If you do a quick search you would discover that there are many ways for you to make a living online. If you like writing, there is a whole world open for you. There is a demand for writing, editing and proofreading, if you are at all good enough, you should not have any problem to finding projects.
There are many places to find online writing jobs. Sites like,, and are setup in such a way whereby you can bid for writing projects which have been published by customers who have a need. Their rates vary as do with commissions, so compare and choose which setup you think is appropriate for you. Elance has the lowest monthly fee, which is quite attractive and ODesk seems to be the most difficult to work with.
Associated content and demand studio Studies offer a different way of writing. They recruit experienced independent writers and editors. Demand Studios pays between $ 15 to $ 100 per assignment. Another added bonus is that you may qualify for Medicare if you meet activity requirements and tenure.
Associated Content offers three ways for you to make money. You can get advance payments ranging from $ 2 to $ 15 per article, you can earn performance payments of $ 1.50-1000 page views/ or you can be assigned articles and get paid from $10 to $100 per article.
For the associated content, there are three ways to make money: advance payments for the content you write ($ 2 to $ 15 per article) assigned articles ($ 10 to $ 100 per article) and performance payments ($1.50 per 1000 page views of your article if it is posted online).
Editing and proofreading works are also available, especially in Elance and Guru. Again, you offer, then wait for the vendor to make their decision and choose a provider.
You might consider writing an E-book and market it through one of the many self-publishers, including Amazon, which is a great way to make a steady stream of passive income. Don’t just write an e-book. Find a niche that has something to share and make sure that the market isn’t  already saturated. Selling eBooks can make you a solid income when well done.

You can also decide to start a blog in a niche that interests you, then as your readership grows, you can start to run your ads or affiliate promotions to earn money. Ad Sense allows you to make some money each time someone clicks on an ad. Amazon offers an affiliate program where you earn a commission if a purchase is made via your link.

Writing offers the opportunity to easily make a full-time income. So, if you love to write, here is your opportunity.

Do Interest Rates Matter

That depends. Yes that’s right, It depends if you are using funding from a Bank. Many people I know have an amazing business Idea and they do new things to get their funding.  I said New ways so forget about all those old ways you were thinking about. Crowd Sourcing to get the project off the ground is an amazing way. Investors get credit and paid back in so many ways not always in the form of $$$. The way people are compensated for the donation is individually arranged. That’s because its a donation, as apposed to a loan that has lots of red tape surrounding it.

There are so many stories that I could tell you of how a singer needed 18K to produce an album and she headed out to ask her followers for a little help and began the funding campaign for the next 30 days and she was very surprised to see she was completely funded by her followers in less than 72 hrs. According to the terms of her Kick Starter campaign she was to get what ever was promised to her after 30 days if she made her requested amount at least. at the end of her allotted month she collected over 80K from her fans who agreed to contribute.

Now in this type of case she had produced 4 previous albums and been growing her audience for the past 4 years, while in college. She developed a strong fan base in social media also. So when she posted a video she was able to get her request for support in front of over 250,000 eyeballs.

Having a fan base a following is key to reaching out. People have to know you if you are going to be successful in this kind of business.  So how does that translate for you?

Start with a WordPress website at least where you can use free plugins to legitimately collect email addresses by giving away free gifts occasionally and continue to give great content just like I try to do for you every week. After a couple years you too can have 50-90 thousand people following what you say to them on a weekly basis. Do it because you want to make a difference NOT because your dreaming of that new sports car.

Your reward will come later. First give great information to your followers first. Once you have a following of 10-20K then an occasional invitation to follow you for a free gift and repeating the same promise you made to your first followers is key. Don’t forget grow an audience by putting their needs before yours.

I am reminded everyday Once people start commenting on your posts they expect an answer. I remember people are coming to me for an answer because they trust me to some extent. The longer they talk to me, listen to my reply’s to other people the more they will be comfortable enough to ask me a question that they really need to have answered. Trust is something I take very seriously and means I’m going to give the people who trusts me my utmost respect.I am deeply honored to be that person to all those who reach out to me.

Easy money

Flipping homes has become very popular for TV


These people are buying homes with other peoples money OPM for short. These are short term loans outside the normal channels. Private investors who take a gamble of people that they know do very well at their craft. What is their craft? Seeing the house in all its beauty even when it looks really really bad. The worse it looks the better that means they can get the house for rock bottom. Then they take the house to the bones as they call it. Upgrade the plumbing and the electrical systems. They look at what sort of improvements they can make to get even more from the house.

Buying and selling houses with no money down has been some thing people have been doing for a long time.

There are so many ways to buy one way I will not speak about here is the conventional loan which is using the money of a bank. I’m not going to speak on this as it is the most expensive way there is. Instead we will speak about the other not-so-popular ways to buy your home.

Way number one. Is the buying the home from the tax man.

These homes can pop up any where. If this is how you want to make a living then you have to make friends. The friends you want are those that work in the tax office. They see the homes that are in tax trouble and they know what owners do not have the ability to get the home out of trouble.

Electric Inspection?
Make sure your have the current electrical inspected

Before you get too far this is not about commercial properties!

Way number two is For Sale by Owner.

Now this is my most favorite way to buy. Why, you say? Simple the owner typically has fired the Realtor because they could not sell the house. So the owner thinks he/she can sell the house to a cash buyer and keep the Commission. Good luck!

Not going to happen. If the owner does get a cash sale, they are going to negotiate a 30% discount for cash and ask that the house be cleaned up and ready for their construction people to change the design of the house, and completely change the landscaping.

But like I said this is my favorite way to buy cause it never happens. In the last 30 years since I was 24 I have seen one house sell for cash and it was by a tech executive who wanted to buy the house for an investment so he could diversify his wealth into wine. Yes this really did happen but only once.

I’ll tell you what normally happens the home owner gets stuck playing the role of the bank and continuing to make the mortgage payments when the ‘buyer’ makes the payments to the owner, who in turn pays the mortgage company.

Now something most owners who want to sell so badly that they play banker is they dont take the rising cost of insurance in the equation and if they get lucky to not be up-side-down they realize come tax time they can not take the tax deductions on the house because the new legal owner does. They just realize they are the first lean-holder. Not the owner on record. And the new owner can make any changes they deem fit.

Now the original owner decided they could carry the note for a few years thinking 1. if the buyer fails to meet his agreement they he/she simply takes the property back in foreclosure. First off that takes a long time and is very expensive. And if just if the agreement gets to about 3-4 years down the road the old owner is getting nervous with their new role of banker and is eager to accept a reduced price. If they decide they would rather keep collecting the mortgage payment in hopes the new owners will qualify for a conventional home loan.

But the odds are not with that ever happening.

What is more likely is the couple gets a divorce and the property is put up for sale to divide the couples assets. If the divorce gets ugly then the home could suffer with things in the home getting sold off for cash and the house could be tied up in divorce court for months. These are months the new lean holder has to make house payments on a home he no longer lives in and cant live in because its tied up in court.


Hello everyone!!

Hello everyone Thank you for searching for me, I know I’ve been gone for a while. That being said. I have relocated from Beautiful SW Florida to the Pacific Northwest for several reasons. First reason is for the family, traveling all day by plane was the pits, not to mention very expensive. And in the 25 plus years, I spent in SW Florida I never felt as though I belonged. The Year the world focused on Hurricane Katrina was the same year the United States made history with 30 named storms. That year we went through the entire alphabet and 4 letters of the Greek alphabet, I know crazy right? Well, I decided I had enough. Besides the very reason, my wife and I came to Florida in the late 80’s was because of my dad.  He left us several years ago. As I write this dad has been gone nearly 13 years. I still miss him to this day. But coming to the Pacific Northwest again has allowed me to spend time with My sister and her family and my mom decided to return to the Oregon where she spent so many years in her youth.


Today’s article is a question. Why are you online? Are you here to empower others or maybe you’re here to entertain others? Or are you here to educate? How do you prefer your content? Do you like to read the most? Maybe you have a commute that you prefer an audio package that arrives in your email or maybe a video is best for you. Many people consume content their own way. How do you like to consume it? please offer some feedback for me.

This go around I would like to share with you some of the many ways my friends and I make money. My hope is you will not only enjoy the content here but will become a participant of the content. As many of you know I write, I am trained as a photographer, old school in black and white. I still love shooting pics in black and white and color of course. I also do a fair amount of video and write as much as I can. My parents were told go get a job work hard and success will follow. so that’s what they told me too, cause that’s all they knew. Not their fault it’s old information. The world does not work that way anymore.  Today we change jobs quickly, we have multiple jobs at the same time. we get too much education cause that’s how we get the skills we might be able to need in 5-10 years and we hope technology has not changed too much for us to come up to speed while learning the new ways. most of today’s truly successful people have learned to buck the system. Bill Gates never finished college, Steve Jobs did not finish college until way after he was successful. Richard Branson also was not the poster boy for formal education.  But what do all three of these men have in common?

Simple they did not allow what other people thought or were afraid of, to stop them from realizing their future. Fear is one of the biggest barrier people experience. The other big barrier is family and so called friends telling you to get a real job, you know the jobs like they have that hold them back from realizing their true potential and keep them miserable. YUK!

Now, something I have enjoyed for a few years has been multiple streams of income. It’s like having 3-4 small jobs.  Instead of having several employers I have enjoyed managing clients. Since many of my clients have become my friends they get used to the way I communicate or they go away. I have spent a lot of time learning how to do new things. I have been asked to do many things, from a handyman to wedding photographer to contractor. I would never tell someone I can’t do that. typically I would be asked to do many things I had never done before. My first website design job came that way. I would generally say sure, that sounds like fun I send you an email and see what I can do to help you. Not for profit organizations would typically get my first bit of help for free. then when they see my capability they would just call me and not even ask what something would cost. I would just take care of it, and send them an invoice with a VIP discount line showing them 50% off discount.  The discount line would help them see what the going rate was for the service and super happy that they got the VIP rate. Freelancing is the way things get done these days. let me share with you the many ways you too can increase your bottom line. Every week I meet others who have decided to put their life in a different order so they could retire early and now they work about 3 days a week and they love it. I asked a dear friend who is self-employed if he would retire when he was old enough. He asked me when was he old enough. I asked him what he means when he surprised me by telling me he was 71 and still worked 6 days a week between his woodshop and delivering the custom furniture he designs builds and installs. he further explained when he started to consider it work, he would retire.

Do something you love and you will never face layoffs or age discrimination by a so-called employer. Take Control!
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